Staff Application

Have you reviewed our mission statement and love what NCAS is about? Do you want to join us? (We might have cookies.) We’re looking for more like-minded souls that share our values to aid in our quest!

NCAS is currently seeking more staff volunteers to help out in year-round and event-specific roles. Positions with us are unpaid, and do not have hard schedules or time requirements. However, accepting a staff volunteer position reflects a serious commitment to help NCAS achieve our goals. If you have any questions about how you can help NCAS, our human resources department will be happy to answer them. Send an email to and one of our attentive volunteers will get back to you.

Are you ready to sign up now? View the list of open positions, then submit a staff application with some information about yourself and what area you would like to help out in. Our human resources department will reach out to you and may have some additional questions.

Volunteer Interest

Not quite ready to make the leap to being staff? That's fine! We're looking for volunteers too. Volunteering is currently on a per-event basis. If you want to be informed when volunteer applications open for our events, fill out our volunteer interest form and we'll be sure to keep you in the loop. (You must be registered for an event before applying as a volunteer.)