The North Carolina Anthropomorphic Society, Inc.

North Carolina Anthropomorphic Society, Inc. (NCAS for short) is a nonprofit organization based in North Carolina. We are a group of individuals who want to give back to the furry community by putting on great events, and bringing groups together in cooperation. Our organization is wholly owned by our members and our actions are driven by our values.

Our Mission Statement

The North Carolina Anthropomorphic Society works to foster the celebration of anthropomorphic activities and culture by hosting events that engage, entertain, and empower our members to be a positive influence in our communities and beyond. We do this because we believe in the openness of our members, in their passion, in their compassion, and in the friendships they form.

Core Values

Our core values are the tenets that we as an organization hold ourselves to. When we got together initially to figure out what values we want to stand by and to uphold, it was difficult for us to decide. We have lofty aspirations for this organization and what we envision it could become in the future.

We hold two categories of values dear to our organization. The first (“As an organization, we must”) are values that we strive to make apparent through our actions and net effects on our community. The second (“We believe that”) are values are what drives and defines us. Our overall is just the truth!

As an organization, we must

Be professional.

We have an obligation to serve the anthropomorphic community to the best of our ability, and must act with the sense of respect, integrity, honesty, transparency, and responsibility that this entails. Our activities must be sustainable, not just for ourselves, but for our staff and volunteers, and our actions carried out with a professionalism that everyone can be proud of. Professional, however, does not mean boring. We can have fun, and be funny, while running an organization.

Lead by example, learn by collaboration.

We’re all in this together. Our board and committee members. Our voting members. Our staff and volunteers. Our attendees. We are a group of diverse and enthusiastic individuals coming together to make something great. Lead by example, but continue to learn from your peers. Remember, mistakes are opportunities for learning and improvement!

Be a positive influence.

We strive to be the best that we can and to bring out the best in others. Cultivating an atmosphere of enthusiasm and diversity is a part of everything we do. We love to see our members succeed and grow—we are here to mentor and teach.

Do good.

While we are not a charity, we can still help others. Through volunteering for and partnering with charitable organizations we can make the world a better place. And maybe even a fuzzier one.

We believe that

If anything is worth doing, it is worth doing well.

No stone unturned, no path untrodden. We are here to host the best events we can, and we know that the small things matter. We are detail-oriented and practical.

We are by and for our members.

Members, staff, and volunteers are synonymous with an event. You cannot have the latter without the former. Our actions must be in the interest and betterment of our members, and in accordance with our mission statement.

People define success.

The satisfaction of our members means more to us than any single metric. Sure, other factors matter, but our main goal is to host events that engage, entertain, and empower. We are a community of friends that build success together.

We’re all unique.

Everyone should feel free to be themselves. We encourage and support each other in order to build a strong and diverse community. It is vital that we provide an atmosphere that reflects this and welcomes those that share our values. Individuality is both welcome and encouraged.


The world would benefit from being a little bit furry.