Fuzzy Logic Escape Room

COVID isolation got you feeling blue? Wish you could do a group activity with your friends from the comfort of your own home? Like Escape Rooms? Well, do we have good news for you! The infamous Fuzzy Logic Escape Room that has been the staple of Furry Conventions across the US makes its way to your living room! Join up to 7 friends as you all work together to solve fun, mind-bending puzzles in the allotted time! If you think you got what it takes, then join us as NCAS presents: Fuzzy Logic Escape Room... Quarantine Edition!




Registration is capped at 8 people per room based on Fuzzy Logic's recommendation.

General Registration

Voting Member Registration

If you are a voting member, please check the voting member Telegram chat for additional details.


What is an escape room?

An escape room is a team-based experience where members cooperate in a themed room to solve puzzles and challenges that allow the team to escape under a time limit.

How does an escape room work online?

Teams communicate on a zoom call to direct a staff member physically present in the room, telling them where to search and what to do in order to solve puzzles. A browser-based inventory system helps the team see discovered items up-close.

What do I need to have in order to participate?

Participants should have a device with Zoom installed and a reliable internet connection. A device with a web browser is recommended but not required.

How will I get the link to join the escape room?

Staff will e-mail the link to the zoom call to the e-mail address provided with registration in advance of the game. Participants should plan on joining the call 15-20 minutes in advance in order to make sure the link works and in order to familiarize themselves with Fuzzy Logic’s inventory system. In the event of technical issues such as the link not working, NCAS staff members will be on standby to assist.